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SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Apr 29, 2019

Feelings are your internal GPS. They are like little intuitive signs that are trying to give you direction. Sometime it’s a stop sign, or a turn sign showing you to change your direction, or sometimes it’s a big ole’ red flag. We get over emotional when we get caught up in our feelings and create stories around...

Apr 22, 2019

Ep 36: You have all the answers within you.

I say this at the end of all of my yoga classes. You have all of the answers within you. But then why do we ask other people for their answers and opinions? Why don’t we ask ourselves for the answer first? Why do we question ourselves? You know what I mean: Girl, what do you...

Apr 17, 2019

EP 35: Conscious Connection, Vaginas and the Pursuit of Humanness with Stef Osofsky

Stef Osofsky is a spiritual coach, blogger who travels all over the world and host of the pursuit of humanness podcast. She offers intuitive guidance for courageous, authentic living + creating. I think we all want that!

We cover so much...

Apr 15, 2019

Ep 34: How much emotion is too emotional?

I was on a panel of speakers a month ago for international women’s day hosted by lululemon, called Movement for Change. A woman in the audience was teary eyed and asked our panel of ladies, “how do you not show emotions because being emotional a sign of weakness?” This...

Apr 10, 2019

Ep 33: Crush Your Goals Through Easy Wins with Mitch Harb

Meet Mitch Harb, host of The Easy Wins podcast. He is a fitness and nutrition coach who helps people live their healthiest and best life through small, easy and consistent ways. If you’re looking to lose the weight, eat better, start a business, go after your...