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SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Sep 26, 2019

With divine timing it’s the Autumn Equinox, where there is equal light and dark hours and the  new moon creating a potent time to go inward and look at both light and dark areas of life, shed layers of habits and limited beliefs that aren’t serving you and cultivate new beliefs and visions that do.

This exercise is a dynamic time to hold your dark and light aspects equally in one hand so you can learn from both. 

Normally, we do our goal setting in January, but with the change of seasons, it’s a good time to check in and see what you’re currently delighting in and what you’re struggling with.

Please listen to the guided meditation EP 67 to clear away any mind chatter so you can tune into the whisper of your heart and soul, the internal GPS that guides you to your truth. Let yourself free flow write without any commentary.

You have all of the answers within you.

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