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SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Aug 24, 2020

What would someone who loved themselves do?

Welcome to Mantra Monday where in 5 minutes or less, I offer you an intention or a quote to start your week off right. 

Today’s inspiration comes from a student in my soul school online course, which p.s. starts up again in January 2021.


Week 4 of Soul School is about...

Aug 17, 2020

Lately I’ve been deeply ingrained in comparison and judgment. I hate admitting this. I hate even more feeling this way.


My itty-bitty-shitty-committee has been hijacking my thoughts. I share this with you though, so you know you’re not alone. No one is perfect. In our flaws and imperfections, we can connect and...

Aug 10, 2020

How to reparent yourself

I get a lot of questions about reparenting. What is it? How to do it? In my soul school online course, our first week is all about connecting to your inner child and reparenting yourself.


According to the @holisticpsychologist, “Re-parenting is the act of giving yourself what you didn’t...

Aug 3, 2020

In episode 94, I shared how connecting to your inner child is a potent way to build your self-love muscle and that self-forgiveness through inner child bonding can be really healing.

Today I’ll guide you through a short meditation to connect to your inner child. You can do this daily and create a daily ritual of...