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SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Apr 17, 2019

EP 35: Conscious Connection, Vaginas and the Pursuit of Humanness with Stef Osofsky

Stef Osofsky is a spiritual coach, blogger who travels all over the world and host of the pursuit of humanness podcast. She offers intuitive guidance for courageous, authentic living + creating. I think we all want that!

We cover so much in today’s podcast from how to create conscious connection in relationships, to shame around a woman’s cycle to yoni steaming.

But really at the heart of conversation is how you can fully engage in life and attune to the wisdom of your humanness. This is a hard concept for most of us to grasp, because we have our preferences of what feelings we want to feel and those we prefer to avoid, so we avoid or deflect instead of lean in and feel.

To Stef, spirituality as being a human gives you room to be flawed, to feel all things light and dark and the permission to explore that very wide spectrum of what it is to be human. The pursuit of humanness is showing up for everything and all of it in between and fully engaging in life

Stef provides a step-by-step method of leaning into both dark and light feelings to equally hold them in your hand without judgement or preference. This is the pursuit of humanness, when we can be all things, feel all emotions without deeming it good or bad. It is the ultimate detachment and also fullest engagement with life.

Stef teaches us that you can use this 3-step guide in all aspects of your life including having more conscious connection in relating to others and cultivating relationships that are informed by self-awareness of what you need, want and what we have the capacity for. Really conscious relating means having healthy relationships to have both receiving and giving, feel safe and secure in your relationship, and empowered in sexuality and sensual identity.

Today on the podcast you will learn steps to consciousness and how to let go of your preferences:

  1.     Have awareness to notice that you have a preference or avoidance
  2.     Be aware of your capacity without putting any self-applied pressure on yourself to experience and feel what it is you are currently experiencing as it is. Extend compassion and grace to be in the unfolding as it’s occurring. We are so wise in our bodies and spirit. Everything that we have learned is supporting us as we are surviving. Instead of going to “I need to be doing something about this.” Have compassion that I don’t need to be doing anything other than what I’m doing now.
  3.     Notice your capacity to “both/and” and attune to your resources within (what within me is working). Allow yourself to feel a variety of emotions. It doesn’t have to be good or bad, angry or happy. You have experience both AND you don’t have to do anything to fix. Can you hold both the dark and light and allow ourselves in whatever capacity we have to be with that AND also know we have the resources within that are naturally wise.