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SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Jan 22, 2020

Meet Courtney Burg who experienced her breakthrough transformation during rehab, basically on her honeymoon. Since then, she has transformed her pain into purpose sharing her writing and wisdom with the world.

Today we discuss how to set healthy boundaries so you can heal old wounds and release conditioned cycles, how to consciously parent and reparent yourself and how to get in tune with yourself so you can love yourself and know you are enough.

Courtney reminds us that we all have a light within us that has always been there, but it gets dimmed and covered by life. It’s our job to unveil that light and share it with the world.

We are all alike. Our pain is universal. Our healing is universal. “It’s going to be messy before it gets beautiful”

I learned so much about rewiring our brains and creating habits for more self love and consciousness. I know you’ll be inspired too. Please head to my blog and follow me on instagram where I’ll share more nuggets of Courtney’s wisdom. And as always, thank you for being here, subscribing and reviewing this podcast. Welcome to soul school