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SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Apr 10, 2019

Ep 33: Crush Your Goals Through Easy Wins with Mitch Harb

Meet Mitch Harb, host of The Easy Wins podcast. He is a fitness and nutrition coach who helps people live their healthiest and best life through small, easy and consistent ways. If you’re looking to lose the weight, eat better, start a business, go after your dream, he shares his easy and very doable methods to accomplish your goals and change your habits.

Studies show 97% of all people who start a strict exercise and diet program and actually lose weight will gain everything back within 18 months. And in 2/3rds of those cases, they’ll gain back even more. That doesn’t even count the people who have trouble getting started in the first place. In what world is a 97% failure rate a good thing? I know how this feels … i have been there!

Today, on SOUL SCHOOL WITH AUDREY PODCAST, Mitch shows us that you don’t need crash diets, or starve yourself, or do any drastic lifestyle changes, suffer, or create self-torture. All you have to do is to know your WHY, have discipline with your small, easy wins, be consistent and find your tribe. Creating consistent easy wins every day enables you to have the health, positivity and life that you desire.

I really learned a lot from today’s conversation and I hope you do too! The lessons of creating easy wins doesn’t just work in creating a healthy lifestyle through diet and fitness, but it can work in all aspects of your life – in your relationships, career, goals and living your fullest life.

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