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SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Oct 22, 2018

EP 007 - Mantra Monday: Cultivate Curiosity

Welcome to SOUL SCHOOL WITH AUDREY and Mantra Monday where we start your week off with an intention, a quote or just a little thought in 5 minutes of less to inspire your day and week. Today’s Mantra Monday is all about is cultivating curiosity.

If you’ve ever been around a small child, they are full of curiosity. They have unlimited questions, constantly wanting to why and how come and what is that? Babies are born curious. Children have an innate wonder and creative imagination. They truly experience life first hand. I think that’s why we love babies and kids, because they have such great joy from the simplest things in life. It’s amazing to watch a baby experience something new and giggle and laugh so hard or be awe-inspired by the color of a flower.

It’s sad to learn that children lose this curiosity around 5-6 years old. Instead of asking questions, they replace the wonder with the need to be right. They don’t want to look stupid or be embarrassed by being wrong. This is a learned behavior in our society from parents, siblings, school, and friends. By the time we are adults we are no longer curious. We just want to have the right answers. We want to know it all. We want to be successful. Instead, we spend the rest of our lifetimes trying to be perfect.

So, our Mantra Monday is all about allowing ourselves to be curious. Could you let go of being right or being perfect and just enjoy asking questions and wondering. We never let ourselves wonder anymore. We have google, siri and Wikipedia. The answers are at our finger tips, so we don’t need to be curious. But needing to be perfect squeezes the joy out of life, keeping us stuck in a small place. Being curious, however, rather than needing to be right takes a lot of pressure off us. We do not need to know the answers. We don’t need to be perfect. Instead of fast forwarding to the final outcome, we can enjoy the process. We can be free and be fully here immersed in the moment.

Curiosity expands our perspective. Perfection limits it.

How can you bring back more of that child-like wonder so that you can enjoy the magic in every day moments? How would you be freed? How would you enjoy life a little more fully by allowing yourself to not need to know the answer or be perfect? Today, how can you cultivate a little more curiosity?

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