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SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Feb 24, 2020

Okay, guys, I gotta warn you. If you have sensitive ears and easily get offended, this may not be the conversation for you. There are pretty much all cuss words, discussion of sex and vagina issues and the use of yoni eggs. Today’s conversation with intimacy alchemist, Cara Kovacs, is very colorful – like bright NEON colors, but so raw, real and enlightening!

So you maybe wondering why I have Cara on the podcast today? She is a third generation healer and an intimacy alchemist empowering people to have better sex lives, heal from old patterns and wounds, and cultivate radical self-love.

At the young age of 14 she knew she would be a sex and relationship therapist. Last year, she was named by Wanderlust as one of “35 People Under 35 To Watch In Wellness” as she combines modern science with ancient healing and spiritual philosophy to help bring people to truth through love.

Today on the podcast, we go deep into healing old wounds by looking at your story around body shaming and self-loathing and empower yourself by re-writing your story to create more self-love and intimacy:

  1. Look at where you’re disconnected
  2. Look at your stories and your history
  3. Rewrite the narrative in a positive way that fits your needs to create radical self-love

Intimacy is a spiritual practice and requires trust, surrender, and clearing the narrative connection so you can reconnect to your deep inner wisdom of your body, feel empowered and celebrate your own unique magic.

Your body is normal. You are normal.

True self-love requires vulnerability, self-awareness, acceptance, and patience to examine your life lessons and make constant and conscious choices for your highest good BECAUSE you love yourself.

When you live from that place, you are unstoppable. 

Check out Cara at, at her events in person and online, hear her on her podcast and through personal coaching. 

Head over to the blog to share your intimacy secrets: