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SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Mar 4, 2019


Relationships are our mirrors and can be our best teachers.

Byron Katie says, “Defense is the first act of war.  The ego hates criticism and loves agreement. If I agree with you, you love me. The minute I don't agree with you, the moment I question one of your sacred beliefs, I become your enemy. Then you start looking for all the reasons why you're right, and you stay focused outside yourself. When you're focused outside and believe that your problem is caused by someone else, rather than by your attachment to the story you're believing in the moment, you are your own victim, and the situation appears to be hopeless.”

“Defense is the first act of war” Maybe you see this view as weak. What about standing up for ourselves? But what truly happens when we attack the people who attack us? We become one in anger, fighting fire with fire simply makes a bigger fire.

So, I’ve really been trying to be more aware of when I get defensive these days. I don’t learn anything when I’m defensive. It’s a conversation-stopper. 

Defense is the first act of war. This is a hard one to grasp and practice, especially if we feel we are right, or deserving, or protecting something. Peace is a choice. Peace begins with you. It doesn't take two people to end war; it takes only one.

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