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SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Mar 6, 2019

You may follow @PalmBeachYogi on instagram, also known as Brittany McKay, a florida yogini who has beautiful bendy photos that make my body ache just looking at them. What is so alluring about Brittany is not just her beautiful photos and hard to attain yoga poses, but her vulnerable authenticity and gritty story about her depression, anxiety, eating disorders and her encounter with sexual assault and harassment that led to her calling of helping others through yoga.


She is like the lotus flower that is born out of the mud and the muck and has a choice to stay or grow. With faith, the lotus flower travels through the darkness hoping that there will be light on the other side, finally reaching it’s destination as a beautiful flower. We only see what’s on the surface – this beautiful flower, but we do not see it’s journey through the muck and darkness.


Brittany shares her story of how she pulled herself out of darkness by surrounding herself with healthy, strong and loving people, doing the constant work of looking at yourself and loving yourself so you can return this love to others. Her advice to her insecure inner child is something that we can all learn and live by, “Be undefinable. Make your own definition of yourself. It takes the muck for the lotus to blossom.”