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SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Feb 10, 2020

Meet Goldie Graham, yoga instructor, working momma and romantic. She and her husband, Brogan of November Project, have a special relationship where they have designed their partnership based on respect, mutual values and a lot of movement and play.

She shares how they grew stronger after their miscarriage and how knowing each other’s love languages, honoring what makes each other happy and making your own rules allows for meaningful connection and open communication.

Goldie offers us some golden nuggets  to making your partnership enjoyable:

  • Your relationship is not always going to be golden, but it should be easy and fun most of the time.
  • Don’t worry about the things you can’t control. Don’t talk negatively about your partner. Don’t compare your relationship to others
  • Most importantly pick each other up and celebrate each other often!

I hope you enjoy these golden nuggets with Goldie Graham on today’s episode of Soul School


Some golden nuggets to creating your best relationship:

  • Never talk bad about your partner to family and friends – respect
  • Celebrate each other and look up to each other a lot!
  • Confrontation is good if done in a loving way
  • Have open, loving communication
  • Share similar morals and ethics
  • Listen to what makes your partner happy and honor that
  • Inspire each other
  • Live a full life together and individually
  • Ask for help and have a plan of what makes you happy
  • find connection and intimacy with your partner and have meaningful conversation at the appropriate time
  • don’t compare your relationship to others
  • Plan your intimacy and your date nights
  • Kiss a lot
  • Have a tune up a few times a year to check in with your relationship and a therapist
  • Know each other and make up your own rules


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