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SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Mar 9, 2020

You know those friends who you don’t speak to for months or even years, and then when you see them again, you pick right back off like no time has passed? Well, this is my relationship with Scott Feinberg! He is my soul brotha from a different motha. I know you’ll fall in love with him just as much as I have.

Everyone holds trauma. Our pain is universal. Healing is not linear.

Today on the podcast, he shares how you can transform limitations of your conditioned beliefs into empowering ways of being through his 8 principles to heal your trauma and build resilience:

  1. Your essence can’t be harmed
  2. The vow to see
  3. Know you’re coded for resilience
  4. Discernment: commit to choose
  5. Reverse graffiti
  6. We are each the gatekeeper in our own minds
  7. Thank you in advance
  8. You don’t have to become who you already are.

Scott believes everyone is coded for resilience. You have the power to (un)become and remove what doesn’t serve you. You can transform your suffering into your offering.

I loved every part of our deep soul inspiring conversation today but my big take away is: You don’t have to become who you already are.

Grab your notebooks and pen, take some time with this conversation, because you’ll want to be fully present and jot down notes. It’s a good one!

Connect with Scott @,, instagram: @mysticmuse108

How do you build resilience? Please comment on the blog and instagram.