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SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Apr 8, 2019

Ep 32: How would you spend your time if you were the BEST at what you do?

I’m in b-school with Marie Forleo and she asked us this question: How would you act if you were the best in the world at what you did? Would you be doing what you are doing? Would you waste your precious time scrolling on instagram or facebook so much? Would you be online shopping or binge watching Youtube videos instead of getting work or whatever is important to you done? This is such a great question to ask yourself in all areas of your life, not just in your professional arena. We waste so much of our time on things that don’t matter. Tony Robbins calls it majoring in minor things.

We also say yes to situations and people who drain us or don’t serve us. How often have you said yes to something and then immediately regretted it but still went ahead because you want to keep your word? If you were the best at what you did, you would protect your energy and time. I bet Oprah only says yes and agrees to things she is excited about and in alignment with.

For me, having a baby makes me really honor my time because I may only have 30 minutes to work or record a podcast while baby is napping. Most of the time it’s all about her. But even I get caught up scrolling on instagram or my latest guilty pleasure has been looking at facebook marketplace for used baby stuff and sakura bloom wraps – what a waste of my precious time. It’s so sad too! And I wonder why I complain I have no time to get a newsletter out this week. I majored in minor things!

So think about it: if you were the best in the world at what you do for a living how would you spend your time? I know I wouldn’t be on instagram, online shopping or binge watching Netflix. I would be highly prioritizing my time in order to be very productive on the things that mattered most to my business. If you were paid to be a professional athlete, how would you choose to eat and move your body? You would probably really honor and respect your body and fuel it with healthy options instead of feeding into your undisciplined habits. You would mindfully and intensely work out instead of casually walking on the treadmill scrolling through email.  If you were the best mom, how would you treat yourself? You would probably show yourself a lot of compassion and take care of yourself because that’s how you stay balanced so you can be fully present to your family. This question can be used in all areas of your life.

Obviously, you may not want to eat completely clean healthy foods all the time like a pro-athlete, but asking this kind of a question and having this intention helps bring you closer to who you want to be and helps to prioritize how you spend your time, so you can be in alignment with your best and highest self.

I always love to connect with you on my blog, instragram or Facebook. Thank you for sharing, reviewing and rating this podcast. I love this soulful community!