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SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Jul 29, 2019

Our most valuable asset is time. we often don’t guard it like the precious commodity it is. We give it away freely, and then say we don’t have enough time, or we’re just too busy to get the things that are most important to us done.

I’m super guilty of this. I’m a total people pleaser, and I’m an optimist thinking I can really get it all done in the time I have.

When I say yes to something, I’m also saying no to many other things. Things I may really enjoy better. Things I may need to do that are important for my business. Things that may deepen my relationships. Things that may be good for my body and spirit.

Are the things we say yes to more important than the things we unconsciously say no to? That’s what we’re exploring today. 

In today’s mantra Monday, my invitation is to take a moment to look at your week. Are ALL of the things you said yes to important – are they crucial for your personal growth, your health and wellbeing, are they important because they’re strengthening your relationships that are most important to you, are they moving the ball forward in your business?

When I did this exercise, I found over 2 dozen things I was doing this week that were not important. When I looked at what I could’ve been doing (or should’ve been doing) instead, it really put things into perspective.

Just yesterday, for example, I cut a podcast, but really needed to get more done off my list because I had a babysitter – that’s golden time! Instead, I chose to go to 3 different stores looking for pots for my plants. Something I did not plan on doing, but took several hours – precious hours! I washed my car, paid some bills, took out the trash, checked instagram 3 times, email 6 times, hopped on an impromptu meeting call that could have waited, and looked online for shoes for an upcoming wedding. These are not important tasks. I will get to them eventually, but yesterday I had a babysitter and need to work and do self-care.

We all have a CHOICE – I made a choice to do this over that, it really made me sad – and upset! Things I missed out were: a workout, (something I have promised myself to move my body every day), I didn’t do my pelvic floor exercises (which as y’all know, this is important on so many levels for myself and my romantic relationship with Jake and I), I didn’t make dinner for myself so I ate a slice of pizza on the road and felt guilty about it after, I didn’t write my blog or finish 2 other podcasts (which was on my things to do list), I didn’t reach out to potential guests for the podcast (also on my to do list) and I didn’t get a nap (which was really needed) because I taught late last night.

Basically, I spent my time elsewhere, and I gipped myself. I didn’t give myself the things that I really needed and wanted for my business, my health, my relationships and honestly, my self-worth.

When I look at this through the lens of choice, it makes me sad as well as upset with myself for prioritizing my time and giving it away so easily to things that don’t matter as much as other things that are critical to my wellbeing, relationships and business.

So, I reviewed my week and what and who I have said yes to. I had to do some rearranging and say no, make some cancelations, shorten up meetings and prioritize what is important.

So, this week’s mantra is: If it’s not a hell yeah, then it’s a hell no. not a maybe, or a wish that you can get it all done. Bring your choices to your consciousness and understand where you are spending your time. Ask yourself what are you sacrificing when you say YES to this person or this meeting, or call, or event, or task? What are you giving up? Is this more important?

We go so quickly through our day, multitasking and being busy, and then feel exhausted and wondering where the time went.

Time is your most precious energy. Protect it. Guard it. Remember everything is a choice. When you say yes to one thing, you are saying no to another. So consciously take control of your power and your life by only saying yes to what lights you up, yes to the people who energize you not to the people who deplete you or timewasters, yes to the things that move the ball forward for you. Try it this week – I’ll be right alongside you, and let me know on my blog or instagram how this one thing has impacted you.