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SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Oct 31, 2018

EP 009: Tell Your Truth with Megan Febuary

Meet Megan Febuary, the Creator and editor-in-chief of For Women Who Roar (FWWR) magazine empowering women to share their stories through art, poetry and voice.

While many of us were goofing off with friends, at age 11, she wrote her first book, a biography about the middle school girls who were struggling with abuse and depression. No light conversation! At age 12 she wrote her first memoir. At a young age she was called to be a writer and story-teller.

She shares her pain and dark places and how she has turned it into light through expression of writing, poetry and voice.

From writing and sharing her truth as a young girl, Megan has turned her passion of embodying stories into a beautifully organic womens’ movement, holding the mic for women to share their stories through art, poetry and voice. For Women Who Roar, a digital and print magazine empowering womxn was born.

Grab a glass of wine, and bundle up because this soulful poet and I go deep into conversation as she shares how she connects with her darkness as well as her light and all of the spaces in between.

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