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SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Jul 13, 2019

Meet Linda Tate, who teaches conscious wealth management. What the heck is that? I didn’t know either, so that’s why I had to have her on the show to learn how our mindset affects our wealth and reflects our worth.


She has always been passionate about the Wellness world and believes that Wellbeing is not just about food, fitness and mindfulness, but also includes your consciousness about money and your relationship to it.


Linda left a dream job as VP at Morgan Stanley to transition into Holistic nutrition and wellness earning her yoga training at Sivananda Ashram, becoming a Plant based chef and an Integrative health coach studying under Tony Robbins. She also is a co-host on Rise to Thrive podcast, but her main passion is helping people create consciousness about holistic wealth management.


Today on Soul School with Audrey, Linda shares how you can:

  • Become aware of your subconscious limited beliefs about money and your worth
  • Rewrite the story about expansion of wealth and the possibilities around money
  • Take practical steps to create a Conscious portfolio and manage your finance so it’s in alignment with your life values


For many of us, money can be an uncomfortable topic to talk about. There’s a lot of scarcity, shame and judgment around this topic. Hopefully today, our conversation helps you expand your thinking about the possibilities around wealth, your worth and the mindfulness of money.


How has this topic changed your thinking? Let me know on my blog or on instagram!