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SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Sep 23, 2019

How often have you said something that blurted out of your mouth that you didn’t mean to say, or said something hurtful as a knee jerk reaction because you were hurt, or gossiped when you’re not a gossiper, or said something judgmental only to feel shameful that you said it.

With so many outlets to voice yourself these days, and sometimes anonymously voice your opinions, we can say and do things from an unconscious place.

I talk a lot about mindfulness on this podcast, but isn’t everything that we’re striving for deeper connection to others and to ourselves, honest conversations, meaningful relationships, and more purpose in our lives all require mindfulness?

This week’s Mantra Monday is an easy acronym to help bring more mindfulness into every you say and do. The acronym is to THINK before you say or act. Ask yourself these questions:

T is it thoughtful?

H is it helpful?

I is it inspiring?

N is it necessary?

K is it kind?

T is it thoughtful? Is it truthful? Are you coming from an honest and loving place?

H is it helpful? What is the intention behind your words and actions? Is it for the other person’s benefit or just for you?

I is it inspiring? Not everything you say or do will be inspiring, but you lead by example. Are you living your values of who you want to be?

N is it necessary? I’ve caught myself saying things that really are extra, unnecessary, and can convolute the conversation. I do this a lot with my husband. Sometimes I include way too many details that are unnecessary, and then I see his eyes glaze over and I know I’ve lost him. I’m working on being more clear and concise so that people will listen and know exactly what I’m talking about. Sometimes we say things that just aren’t very necessary.

K is it kind? When I was pregnant, my husband, Jake and I had the conversation of how we wanted to raise our daughter and the values we wanted to instill in our family life. Being kind was top on our list. Above anything else. Kindness will take you a long way in life. authentic kindness makes people feel seen and heard. 

When practicing the acronym THINK this week, you may not get to all 5 of the questions each time you say or do something, but even being more mindful of one of them will help guide your conversations and your actions to be more in line with your conscious and higher self.

I’d love to hear from you. Please share with me how do you bring more mindfulness into your daily life?