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SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Mar 27, 2019

Meet Christian Piuma, our first male Soul School guest, who vulnerably shares his transformation from living a stressful Silicon Valley corporate life to finding his purpose as a transformational coach working with high performers who are frustrated with their careers. While checking off the boxes of success as a high performer, he became the victim of the life he thought he wanted. Those same goals were the ones that imprisoned him and made him feel unfulfilled and lost, turning to numb his pain with substances and relationships that were not good for him.

Today he shares how he left his corporate job and manifested the life of his dreams of having freedom of time and place in order to be lit up by God’s creation living and experiencing the mountains and beaches. In his words, he was suffering in San Francisco and now splits his time joyfully in Jackson hole and at his California beach home. He has trained extensively with Tony Robbins as well as with Esther Hicks and Tim Ferris to transform his life and find his truth.

Stay tuned because he shares valuable tips of how to get out of the corporate rut and find your true north to live a fulfilled and passionate life. He shares that on the other side of the uncertainty is the breakthrough.

This is Christian’s story of his breakthrough. We talked for almost two hours and I had to cut it down to half. There is so much good information in this episode. Get out your notebook and pen, you don’t want to miss these great nuggets of wisdom of how you too can live your most passionate life by getting clear on what you want and following your North star.