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SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Mar 25, 2019

EP 28: Treat Yourself As You Would Treat Your Neighbor

What if you treated yourself as you would treat your neighbor? Or better yet, love yourself as you would love your neighbor, or best friend, or your partner?

Today’s intention is all about self-love and self-care.

As adults, it’s easy to give to others, and our roles and responsibilities and we are the last to receive. I find that often times, especially as a woman and a mom, I give to everyone else, my husband, my daughter, to my students and then I’m left out. I have a deficit because I put my care on the back burner. This is not self-love.

Babies and kids are great examples of self-care. My baby cries when she needs something – like she needs a changing of diapers, she’s hungry or she’s tired. I immediately attend to her needs because I know if I don’t feed her soon, she’s gonna have a meltdown. Or if I try to keep her awake, when I know she desperately needs a nap and is rubbing her eyes yawning, get ready for the wrath of Hunter.

But as adults, we know we need something, but instead of self-care, we ignore the signs and push through it. How often does your body tell you that you’re worn down and need to rest, but that to do list won’t check itself off, so you push through your fatigue. Or when your hunger turns into hanger because you didn’t listen to yourself.


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel that self-care is selfish.


The thing is it’s actually selfish if you don’t take care of yourself because you come to your world empty and depleted. Nothing great happens when you’re exhausted. It’s like driving a car but never stopping for gas. That makes no sense. You need to refuel so you can show up to your life full and alive. This is good for you and good for everyone who comes in contact with you. plus, when you’re feeling full again, you can better focus on projects and be more productive. It’s a win for everyone!

What does self-care look like to you? It doesn’t have to be a massage or pedicure or anything fancy or expensive. It could be eating healthy. Or it also could look like having a cookie or a piece of cake. It may be that you need a nap, or to have some alone time to read a book or take a bath, or have a really good glass of cabernet with a girlfriend.

What does self-love look like to you? If you haven’t tuned into Episode #17 Quiet your itty bitty shitty committee, check that out. notice when that negative voice chimes in luring you into believing in scarcity and not enoughness. The work of self-love is to romance yourself, tell yourself you’re worthy and beautiful and deserving, treat yourself…what acts of love would you show another person – why not give that to yourself this week?

From the person who is the first to put herself last, let’s commit together to put ourselves first and make ourselves a priority this week. Let’s take care of ourselves and fill our cup, so we can show up brighter and lighter. Every single day this week, do something good for your soul. Whatever it is. It doesn’t need to be grand. Just make it good for you and something that feeds your soul. Be good to yourself, love yourself and most importantly be radically kind to yourself.

Connect with me on facebook, instagram or on my blog to let me know what ways you’re taking care of yourself and how these acts of kindness to yourself are affecting how you show up in your world.