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SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Sep 2, 2019

Our mind’s job is to stay busy. To protect. To analyze. To make sense of things

But when our mind runs wild, it can take us into places that aren’t good for us.

Byron Katie says, there's “Your Business, Other People’s Business and God’s Business.”

Our Ego loves to be right, so it compares us to others. We judge others, we worry about others – their opinions, their actions. How they wronged us, how this person should do something different than what we want, worrying over someone and their choices. We have no control over other people. These stories of others play over and over in our head exhausting our energy. It’s Wasted time of energy. Makes us small.

When I tell someone “I just want you to be happy, you should do this, I wish He was like this, I care about you that why I tell you should do X,” this is me getting into someone else’s business.

Gossiping about someone is an obvious way we are getting into someone else’s business. It’s low level energy and does absolutely nothing for our soul. In fact, it depletes it with judgement, negativity and smallness. But even sharing information about someone else’s life is a way, our minds keep us busy. I used to talk about other people because I didn’t think I had much to share about myself and it made me feel important that I knew what was going on with other people’s lives. It’s not productive or important. I have no control over it.

We worry about things that are in God’s hands – call it source, the universe – things like the weather, catastrophes, life and death. Things we have no control over. We spend our energy on these things and they actually can sway our feelings and moods. Think about it: the weather is rainy, so it ruins your day. YOUR day? Or you get angry over a catastrophe and let your mind ruminate over it for days. Or the injustice of something that is completely out of your control.

While it’s good to feel your feelings, worrying about anything that you don’t have direct control over is futile. It causes conflict in your mind. It keeps you stuck in business that is exhausting.

The only thing we have control over is ourselves. Our thoughts, actions, words. When you focus your energy on what YOU do have control over, life shifts and your perspective changes.

You no longer need to feel in resistance to what’s going on in life. you can feel, accept and let go. You no longer need to feel like a victim, because you know you have the power of your thoughts, choice and actions. You no longer need to hold on to resentments and judgement. You can be free to let people be who they are, and you focus on you.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty liberating! I’ve let other people, my grudges, opinions, the weather, outside circumstances control me, because I’ve been trying to control it.

The Invitation this week is to notice when your mind drifts to putting in energy somewhere that you don’t have any control. Check in with yourself and see if this is a good place for your energy. Is it the most productive and healthy place to spend your thought?

Redirect it to only things you have control over. This will help refocus your mind from mindless chatter, what ifs, worry, fear and comparison. It will help you step into your authentic power of what you DO have control over. This is ultimate power, this is ultimate love, this ultimate living in the present moment.